Track Review: Adam & Elvis – Wasting Away

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

The act of combining depressing lyrics with a glitzy, gorgeous sound is something that bands nowadays seem to love. While it’s nothing groundbreaking, bands like The Smiths pretty much made their career from this, there seems to be a notable rise in it this decade with one of the biggest songs of the 2010’s being about the psyche of a school shooter – if you guessed Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, a winner is you!

Put it down to us being closer to the apocalypse than any time in modern history or just good old angst but we love to put on the facade of being positive when, really, what we’re feeling inside is the complete opposite. Bring Adam & Elvis to the stage (no, not that Elvis), a London art-pop outfit who are great believers in this format if their latest track Wasting Away is anything to go by.

Before nose-diving into what can only be described as an existential fuelled breakdown, the track beings with a joyous poppy intro: it follows that up with a staple indie-rockesque mix that would feel as relevant during the age of The Cure as it does in a decade that has saw the fusion and Renaissance of both genres.

Influences are felt both through the band’s sound and their lyrics with Patrick Malone’s poetic muses offering some stark realism in a track that feels like a lovely summer tune. Anti religious sentiment and the classic carpe-diem mantra, though thankfully not deliver by anyone shouting YOLO, Wasting Away is a smartly written track in many ways, making the wait for Adam & Elvis’ debut album next month all the more painful.







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