Track Review: Sweet White – My Girl/Someone

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

Over the past three years, the Peterhead band Sweet White have never been traditional or predictable: one of their earliest tracks Flesh and Blood was very well suited to its time where the likes of Peace flourished under an indie rock Renaissance but as they continued, they’ve explored ambient electro, classic rock ballads and bloody disco through various singles and an EP.   

So with their third release of the year My Girl having just dropped, it’s no surprise that the alt-act are having a stab at a new subject – romance. Sweet White have never been hesitant about chucking some affectionate lyrics into the mix but this is the most lovey-dovey they’ve been so far.

However, instead of just being that goes “she’s all mine, she’s x & y”, this latest offering is liberating – “My girl’s got things to say, my girl’s got news for you” sings Jake Cordiner as he gets progressively more aggressive, almost channelling the rage women would feel by some classic romantic archetypes. It all builds up to the band’s most lush sounding chorus thus far, layered vocals from Jake and Shaun Wilson giving off a soothing and slick appeal that is utterly undeniable. 

Sweet White aren’t sufficed by giving us just one track though, providing us with a b-side by the name of Someone. While My Girl feels like it could be written about anyone, Shaun intentionally aimed for the song to be open to interpretation, Someone is definitely a song written for, well, someone, that being Shaun’s girlfriend.

Having him on lead vocals is a nice change, his voice sounding suitably sweet while never too overbearing or corny which is good news considering the minimalist instrumentals put him right under the spotlight, The tiniest bit of percussion is the most we get backing up wise, giving the song a total lullaby vibe making it all the more gorgeous.

So, a quick recap: Sweet White can put Reflektor-esque disco, classic Foals indie rock, ambient electro pop and now two lush, unique songs about romance. It’s perhaps the most conventional subject matter the band could go for but having had a go at it and in the process giving it their own unique flair, Sweet White continue to surprise not only themselves but the listeners as well.






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