TRACK REVIEW – Heroes by Motörhead

By Öliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

You read that right. Despite it being nearly two years since we lost Lemmy, a ‘new’ Motörhead track is primed and ready to leave our ears bleeding, and it’s a thunder-and-guns cover of Heroes, originally performed by David Bowie, who we also lost nearly two years ago now. Christ.

Recorded as part of the Bad Magic album cycle, this track will feature on the upcoming collection of Motorfied covers, Under Cover, due out in September, which will feature tracks such as Sympathy for the Devil, God Save the Queen and Whiplash, complete with all the trimmings you’d expect to find on any other Motörhead track; blood, snarling, riffs, thunder and more growling.

Whilst beauty was never Motorhead‘s musical modus operandi, this is a beautiful rendition. Maybe it’s because many fans were never expecting to hear Lemmy growling again, maybe because it does Bowie justice without losing that Motörhead edge, maybe it’s because the video for it is nothing but photos & footage of Lemmy, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee on the road, reminding you that you’ll never see that again.

But if this is the last Motörhead track to ever come into this earth, it’s the perfect way to ride off into the sunset. It’s just so well done, which was a hallmark of the Cameron Webb era of production, where Motörhead produced some of their finest ever tracks.

Lemmy‘s vocal on is weatherbeaten, but is laced with passion, drive and grit, with that familiar growl adding that unique edge to the song. It’s a Bowie cover for sure, but make no mistake, this should be treated as a Motörhead track. It stomps through the land, causing the whole ground to shake, destroying everything it its wake. It’s even got a trademark Phil Campbell solo in it, which instantly makes it a massive improvement on the original. And of course, everything’s better with a Campbell-Brand Solo [Ad].

Above all else, disregarding the finer, critical points, this is a fun track. Both Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee have spoke about how all of them enjoyed this project, because of how fun it was, and that’s reflected in the music. It’s not forced, it’s not trying too hard to sound like the original, it’s just three mates jamming a bit of Bowie together, which makes it better, it’s easy-going, but you know it’s still in your face.

The video released to promote this ends with a man dressed in black, wearing a cowboy hat, saluting the fans and walking off stage, which is always a sign that the fun’s over, and it’s time for him to go…

This song, obviously, reminds us that we can be heroes, just for one day.

But some of us are heroes forever.







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