Album Review: Dan Croll – Emerging Adulthood

By Anna Cowan (@‪L0VESlCK)

Very rarely do musicians successfully combine a range of sounds, beats and melodies to create a truly diverse pop album, but yet somehow multi-instrumentalist Dan Croll manages to just pull this off in Emerging Adulthood, his sophomore album. His debut Sweet Disarray, which featured extremely successful singles such as From Nowhere, packed a punch with its booming electronica beats, but it is with Emerging Adulthood where Croll truly defines himself as a proud pop artist – and a talented one at that.

The album’s opener One Of Us is one of the it’s busiest, with its fiery combination of jingle-jangle beats and electric guitar somehow all fitting well together, despite something about the track seeming slightly off and not entirely together. In comparison, Bad Boy seems oddly stripped down but yet it is still filled to the brim. Its lyrics seem somewhat immature and almost pre-pubescent, such as “He watches James Dean on movie screens”, but it should be said that the album wasn’t created for the purpose of being profound, but to create a fun and light-hearted listening experience, which it certainly does.

Other album highlights include January, which has obvious Glass Animals vibes with its smooth, oozing vocals and jumpy melody. In addition, Swim uses the vocals of Rebecca Hawley of Stealing Sheep, which gorgeously compliment those of Croll. Some tracks such as Do You Have To? seem slightly filler, but this does not distract from the fullness of the earlier songs on the ten track album.

Overall, Dan Croll has sculpted a summery, eclectic record which, despite being infectiously poppy, is not boring or unimaginative. The colour and texture of the album is obvious which makes it a hugely enjoyable album to listen to if you’re looking for something for the poolside. I warn you now – you’ll be left wanting more.






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