Track Review: The Vegan Leather – Eyes

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

During their set at this year’s baby-faced TRNSMT (spoiler: it was pretty good), Paisley art-pop outfit The Vegan Leather displayed an abundance of variety throughout their performance: there was Shake It, a single dropped earlier this year which was the catalyst for simultaneously singing, dancing and throwing drinks up into the air. Then they had This House, a track which does very much the same but in a whole other fashion – whereas the first example has brief moments of calm, This House keeps its energy throughout its running time and culminates in an outrageous bang of guitars, drums and toe-tapping synths.

With their new single Eyes, it’s apparent that The Vegan Leather haven’t lost their knack of crafting a dancy tune but they’re focused on doing so in a different way: front-man Gianluca Bernacchi’s comments have confirmed this, saying to Tenement TV that they wanted to go for something ‘very bright and dreamy’ with the accompanying video. Marie Collins is on prime singing duty this time round, we always got a taste of them with the band’s previous singles but this is the first to have her in spotlight, and boy are they a treat – gorgeous and alluring, they set the song up to be TVL’s take on a “slow” song but never judge a book by its cover, eh?

The song slowly but surely builds its way up to a beautiful climax: think Carrie with its an hour and a half wait for the big moment, except instead of pig’s blood it’s glitter, confetti and an all round eruptious finale. Eyes does a lot of what makes the group such a lovable group to begin with – the delicious rhythms and synths are candy for the ears. It’s what the track does differently that makes it a real standout, taking a different approach songwriting wise and ending up all the better for taking a risk with their formula. Another hit to add to their record so far: at this rate, their  eventual debut LP is gonna be audible ecstasy. 






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