Track Review: Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete The Kisses

By Rory McArthur (@RoryMeep)

Never a band to stick to one style, Wolf Alice have cast total doubt over just what the hell their upcoming second album will sound like. After hearing it’s lead single, Yuk Foo, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the band might be discarding their soft side for good; maybe even making an entire album of ferocious, angry punk rock. Latest single, Don’t Delete The Kisses though, proves any such assumptions to be just a little misguided. Totally lacking in the anger department, the track is in fact up there with the most chilled out material the RCA signed Londoners have ever produced.

Synth driven and vaguely danceable, the song, at times, recalls the vibe of previous single Bros. Like that track, DDTK conjures up mental images of scenes from twee coming-of-age movies, admittedly making for an endearingly sweet listen. The shy romanticism of the lyrics only adds to this feel, which generally avoid coming across overly saccharine and are sure to produce smiles from fans. Front-woman Ellie Rowsell herself said of the track that she aimed to create a ‘head out the window’ song, and honestly, that description is totally perfect for the atmosphere that it crafts.

Devoid of cynicism and abounding with youthful naivety, the song is impossible to hear without breaking into a little grin. It’s far from Wolf Alice at the peak of their powers, and its subtlety makes it likely to be labelled a filler track by many, but to over analyse would be to miss the point on this occasion. For lack of a better word, DDTK is just…nice. It’s a genuinely lovely little song, and although it does have its flaws, they pale into relative insignificance after a few listens. All that can really be said now is, leave your pessimism at the door, and it might just surprise you.






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