Track Review: Tyler, The Creator – Who Dat Boy

By Ryan Martin (@RyanMartin182)

Wolf Haley has got the internet in flames with Who Dat Boy, the first track rumoured  to be off Tyler the Creator‘s next album, which is currently speculated as Scumfuck Flowerboy off of a leaked image. In the new visual paired with the track’s release, we see Tyler getting half of his face blown off, who then seeks A$AP Rocky’s help to sow on a pale red-headed man’s face in a face transplant. The visual ends with a different Tyler track that sounds similar to his past work like Find Your Wings and Treehome95

Who Dat Boy reflects some of Tyler’s latest sound that tracks like Fuck It and the Kanye West freestyle What The Fuck Right Now demonstrated. The pairing of the two tracks is hope that Tyler’s new album will have more cohesion than his last cluttered project, Cherry Bomb. While Cherry Bomb demonstrated the ideas Tyler is trying to produce better than any effort so far, most ideas fell flat. With the new visual and track, Tyler’s vision looks a little clearer and sounds a lot better too. There is more confidence in his sound, especially when backed by A$AP Rocky. An interesting moment to this roll-out was how Tyler put his new video on a separate YouTube channel from his original Odd Future one: possibly a move to distance himself further away from his past work with the group.

If we can be sure of anything so far, it’s that a new Tyler album is just around the corner (after all, a new track ft Frank Ocean has just leaked) while we are left to savour this disgusting new banger for the summer – finally, we know something.





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