Track Review: Motion – I Can Hear You Coming Closer

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr

Chucking indie rock , dream pop and shoegaze into their filthy little cauldron, the Edinburgh based act Motion have finally came out their chambers to deliver their latest single I Can Hear You Coming, a track that is set to appear on their yet to be titled debut EP.

The band have been relatively quiet info, whether or not this is intentional or not is yet to be seen, with the only thing known about them is that they’re comprised of former Kitch members Paul Band and Robbie Thompson as well as Lee Shand. While they may be scare on details, their music does a fine job of speaking for Motion with I Can Hear… kicking off with an unmistakable Dandy Warhols meets DIIV vibe radiating off this glitzy, submerged intro.

As the track proceeds, the aforementioned shoegaze influence becomes more and more prevalent with the vocals just about being distinguishable from the tide of synths and effects that are going on alongside. Instrumentally, everything does the job just fine and carries the track over its 3 minutes and 33 seconds (pretty specific, I know) running time nicely though not much progression is made with things starting off just as they started – not so much a complaint, rather an observation that some might point out.

Overall, Motion make a more than decent attempt at putting their foot in the door and joining the shoegaze/dream pop hybrid that is slowly becoming more apparent in the Scottish music scene. Here’s hoping that as the band start to find their groove and settle in, further experimentation can be implemented to truly give their sound some oomph. 






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