So Far, So Good? New PVRIS tracks REVIEWED

By Gregor Farquharson (@Gregoratlantic)

Following a successful launch of their debut record in 2014, Alt rock outfit PVRIS have dropped two new tracks in the build up to their sophomore LP All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell. With the new album set to drop on August 4th, it’s time to put this fresh content under the microscope and see what they’re made of.


The first of the new tracks, Heaven starts with an isolated piano and the strong vocals of lead singer Lynn Gunn. A slow but strong intro leads into a distorted synth feel, before launching into the powerful chorus, with sturdy and strong vocals coming from Gunn. It is obvious to see that the track is made to be anthematic and meaty – with the use of synths, vocals and light drumming, it does this successfully. After the second chorus, looped vocals are used which definitely add to this layered feel of the track. The lack of guitar is easy to hear throughout though it’s hard to say whether or not this is detrimental to the song. Overall, this is a decent comeback track, and a chance to show how the band have progressed since the last album.


What’s Wrong

What’s Wrong opens with a mellow, almost washed out guitar tone before a simple drum beat kicks in, leading into Gunn‘s vocals building the track bit by bit. There’s a much rockier feel as opposed to Heaven with this track feeling a lot more reminiscent of the material off the band’s debut. There’s an undeniable pop rock feel to the upbeat, sonic chorus which is really just an excuse to showcase Gunn‘s vocal capabilities, traversing over high and low tones. The bridge is excellent, with the repeated lyrics “No I’ll never sell my soul” before brilliantly blending seamlessly into the aforementioned chorus. Overall, What’s Wrong is the strongest track of the punch, leaving fans of the band and electro-pop more optimistic than concerned.






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