TRACK REVIEW: The Way You Used to Do by Queens of the Stone Age

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

Imagine the film Grease, oh yeah! Everyone’s clicking their fingers and dancing and woo, havin’ a good time! Now imagine the cast of Grease got dropped into an active warzone: everyone’s still clickin’ their fingers but oh shit, there’s a lot of bombs going off. If you can imagine that, you can imagine what Queens of the Stone Age‘s new swingeriffic lick The Way You Used to Do sounds like, the first single from their upcoming album, Villains.

The thing about a new QotSA album, or track, is that it only seems to come round when it’s ready to come out the oven, which means The Way You Used to Do, like many other tracks from Josh Homme and his crew of swingin’ ringers, is a stone cold banger. It really does feel like some fifties swingin’ blues took a load of Mr White’s blue meth and is now running through the town, kicking people in the genitals. If you did that dance where you grabbed your sweetie pie by the arms and swung them under your legs, you’d throw them back up so hard their arms would detach from their body, flying into the band.

The opening to the track really has a ZZ Top feel to it, just some proper foot tapping, finger clicking rock and roll, but with a QotSA garnish, which flows through the veins of this song, retaining the fuzzy sludge that’s become synonymous with Queens of the Stone Age, but at the same time, feeling incredibly classic, like one of those companies that make a modern Jaguar E-Type, and this song is as good as that.

Referring back to an earlier point, a QotSA album only seems to come out when it’s ready, and seeing as …Like Clockwork came out around four years ago, it’s high time we got to experience some brand new Queens of the Stone Age. Perfectly uplifting for the summer sessions, festival drives and balmy pre-drinks, The Way You Used to Do is business as usual from Josh & the gang.







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