Track Review: Sweet White – Celebrity

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

With its bass driven and glitzy synth intro, Celebrity by Sweet White welcomes its listeners with a soothing drive through an 80’s adorned landscape. The Peterhead boys have been undergoing a slow but steady evolution during their career, starting off with some intelligent and intricate rock tunes much in the same vein as Foals before dipping their toes into some poppy waters, a decision that has proved to be wise.

There’s no faltering on this latest track either. The aforementioned intro definitely sets the tone as frontman Jake Cordiner‘s vocals glide through the flashy L.A air, speaking of a woman who aspires to make it in Holywood. Talks of parties, materialism and longing for icon status channels the yuppie culture that was an epidemic at the time, further affirming its influence in that decade. The slick guitars and soothing electronics give an almost GTA: Vice City vibe to them, making it easy to imagine having this play through your car radio as you drive around the eponymous location. All of this manages to exemplify the creativity and style of Sweet White, an act that stands out as one of the most unique and, yes, best that Scotland has to offer.

Record labels, please, give this band an LP to work their magic on: you’d be doing yourselves and the Scottish music scene a favour.






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