TRACK REVIEW: Wildfire by Blink 182

By Oliver Butler (@notoliverbutler)

It’d be awfully rude not to review a new track from one of the bands that lends its name to this website, which is exactly why Blink 182 are back again with their new single, Wildfire.

As part of the California album cycle, Wildfire is another track that ended up on the cutting room floor, along with 6/8Can’t Get You More Pregnant (Well, when you’re already pregnant it’s biologically impossible to be more pregnant so 10 points to Blinkindor, also, it was about thirty seconds long. Maybe that’s a joke about premature ejaculation which we’re all too stupid to get)Misery and Parking Lot as part of the unofficially titled Blimey! Bloody Brilliant Blink 182 B-Sides collection.

The song is a textbook Blink 182 track, the one where you can shut your eyes and imagine that you’re sat in a sunny Californian skate park, or one where you instinctively know the words to when you’re pissed, the sort of song that could tie communities together by getting them all to belt out What’s My Age Again?, as we would be unified by Blink 182’s inoffensive brand of pop punk.

Despite following the formula that made them megastars, this track fails to start a Wildfire in your heart (I knew you couldn’t resist a pun – Ed). In this track, familiarity breeds contempt and does little to make a lasting impact on the brain. By no means is this a bad track, and is certainly one of the better b-sides to come off the back of the enjoyable California, but it doesn’t do enough to get you excited. It’s got everything; some classic bouncy Hoppus bass work, trading vocals between himself and new boy Matt Skiba-boodly-bop-bop and light airy guitar chords that always transport you to that fictitious sunny skate park.

There’s nothing wrong with the classics, but sometimes, you don’t want a glass of Coca-Cola, you want something that’ll make your brain pour out of your ears because of what you’ve just heard. This track toes the Blink 182 party line, and makes sense why it’s nothing more than a b-side that will appear on the deluxe edition of California.






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