Track Review: Haim – Right Now

By Patrick Dalziel (@JoyDscvryPaddy

2013 was potentially one of the most interesting years for rock n roll. Palma Violets won over the indies with 180, Bowie returned to the public eye with The Next Day and Daft Punk supplied the eternal Sound Of The Summer™ with Get Lucky. However, 2013 also saw the breakthrough of HAIM, a rock band formed of three sisters, eager to create a modern take on Fleetwood Mac‘s dreamy 70’s Rumours era.

Their debut, Days Are Gone, remains to this day one of the most fun rock albums to have come out this decade. So, a lot of pressure has been put on their follow up Something to Tell You, an album which has been four years in the making. Thankfully, it seems that the sisters may have avoided the dreaded second album syndrome and are on track to release something genuinely exciting.

On their second single Right Now, we are reintroduced to the band, now having reappeared as a far more confident, and slow burning trio. It’s incredibly reminiscent of Running If You Call My Name; a standout track on their debut. Opening with Danielle Haim, singing “Gave you my love, you gave me nothing“, it’s clear that this is falling among the more melancholic of their repertoire which, to be fair, is a surprising amount of tracks under close inspection, but it’s never been presented with such brazen honesty. It’s also far more restrained in this early section than a lot of the band’s previous work: a solo piano takes the place of lead guitar and crashing percussion is replaced by a timid cymbal. 

Although, that’s not to suggest that the song becomes arduous at any point. Around the half way mark an incredible amount of guitar reverb is utilised which completely transforms the band’s image yet again. So, not only is this a comeback, it’s something of a rebirth for HAIM. We see them approach familiar topics, with a maturity that presents a far more levelled view of events. 2013 HAIM almost feels like a test run upon re-listens now. Those four years of practice and studio time have resulted in a completely new avenue for these women to explore. If Right Now is an indicator of Something to Tell You quality, then the trio are well on track for a second summer sleeper hit.






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Patrick Dalziel

Student journalist at Edinburgh Napier University

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