By Ryan Martin (@RyanMartin182)

Running off the success of their smashing debut album Greatest Hits and positive reviews from critics such as Anthony FantanoRemo Drive has already become one of 2017’s breakout bands. Fusing indie with punk, emo, and a touch of shoegaze and post-hardcore; Remo Drive’s unique sound, creative visuals, and genuine social media presence has already earned them a promising fanbase. They have already locked in spots opening for big emo acts like Sorority Noise and Jeff Rosenstock as well. I got a chance to chat with the great guys at Remo Drive to learn more about the debut album and what’s next for the Minneapolis punks.

Ryan: What was the recording process for Greatest Hits like? Any reason for the name choice?

Erik: It was pretty relaxed. We pretty much just set up our stuff in our parent’s house and slowly but surely chipped away at it. As for the title, we just thought it was funny- particularly for our debut full length

Ryan: Is there any music you guys were listening to while recording Greatest Hits that influenced the record?

Erik: We were listening to all sorts of stuff! Michael Jackson‘s Off The Wall inspired us to do the aux percussion. Jeff Rosenstock‘s We Cool helped us pick our mix engineer.


Ryan: Erik, you’ve done some recording for Minneapolis bands like Inconsistent in the past. Do you see yourself recording/mastering more upcoming bands in the future?

Erik: I used to do a lot of recording around Minneapolis. I would like to continue with that but not to the same extent that I used to. I’m more interested in working on my own music lately.

Ryan: Who does the designing for the merch? 

Erik: Dayton Griggs!


Ryan: You guys have been getting picked to open for bigger emo acts like Sorority Noise and Jeff Rosenstock recently. What has that been like? Any tours as headliners or as a supporting act coming up in the future?

Erik: It’s been awesome! We’ve been very fortunate to have a great booking team behind us hooking us up with bands like that! Nothing I can say much about headlines slots or such yet but people can expect to see us sometime this year.

Ryan: Have any of you been in a band before Remo Drive? How did you all meet?

Erik: Stephen and I played together in a band called Kind of Incredible in early high school. We were terrible. Sam and Stephen played in a band called Q The Clique. Sam also played in a group called Blatant Youth.

Ryan: Do you guys plan on signing to a label soon?

Erik: Nope, we want to see exactly how big we can do things on our own.

Remo Drive’s Greatest Hits is out now: check out our review of their debut LP to wash away any doubts.





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