Track Review: Perception by Hush

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

It’s not unusual to see band members go off on solo ventures to pursue their own sound or career. In most of these cases, the artists in question are usually those who have been in their respective acts for so long that they grow tired of doing the same old thing though HUSH is not in this same situation. The creation of Harry Mawb (bassist in, yes you guessed it, The Mawb), HUSH isn’t so much the project of someone who is tired of his group work, pretty much shown by him still being in the band, rather he’s following in the steps of his idols and, in turn, bringing a breath of fresh air into the Scottish music scene.

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Debut single Perception is enough to certify this claim, starting off with a vocal sample that resembles something you’d expect Disclosure to chuck on a track before getting well and truly underway. The aforementioned comparison to one of the UK’s biggest DJ duos may lead you to believe that what follows is a haphazard EDM assault on the ears but the truth is far from that: very much in the vain of Richard D James, Mawb doesn’t just put all of his ingredients into a pot and hope for the best, instead choosing to cook and mature each individual part, making sure they all serve a purpose. From the synthesized harpsichord which resembles something you’d expect to be placed in behind a Grace Jones vocal to the lucid drums that flow in and out of everything, Perception is very much an adept and conceit result of Mawb’s influencers. Lasting just over four minutes, HUSH’s debut does just enough to keep your attention without feeling overly bloated or cramped. If you were getting sick of the music scene being dominated by another indie rock or shoegaze act then HUSH has the ambient medicine to cure you.






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