Track Review: i don’t wanna waste my time by joji

By Liam Menzies (@blnkclyr)

Joji Miller’s reputation precedes him. While some may not know him by his name alone, his online personas have gained a lot of notoriety in the internet sphere thanks to his Filthy Frank channel. His creative output is unparalleled amongst his youtube peers, dipping his toes into comedy as well as music under one of his characters named Pink Guy.

With that in mind, his solo endeavor without any of his pink guy, chin chin or weeaboo jones monikers will be sure to surprise you. Opposed to the brashness, borderline offensive and confidence laced music stylings on his recent Pink Season project, Miller‘s new single i don’t wanna waste my time is far more chilled, living up to this reputation of him being “your new rainy day singer that you don’t know about but should“. Hushed, beautiful vocals lead the track, floating gently above a beautiful piano melody that could appear on any number of Frank Ocean‘s projects and fit in perfectly. There’s also the love tinged lyrics that are deserving of a mention with Miller managing to show a fragile side that feels purely authentic. Alluring and enthralling, Joji manages to captivate the listener almost instantly and never lets them go throughout the tracks around 2 minute running time.

It can be difficult to escape a reputation, especially when it’s so beloved and vulgar, but Miller has managed to show he can be just as beautiful as he can be disgusting.







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