By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

The problem with many new bands who wear their influences on their sleeves, like it or not, is that you end up wanting to listen to the originals rather than them. It can be impossible to shake off a feeling of deja vu that makes anything the act plays fail in comparison. Just take a look at generic indie rock band #3745 and fight the urge to listen to whatever Britpop era act they’re trying to replicate.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Ayrshire act The Mawb. While the band is still very much in their youth as far as bands go, just a glance (well, more like a listen) at their debut single Farewell is enough to certify that the rock outfit have the musical know-how: in the first minute alone, we get some cheerful keyboards that would greatly accompany any Frank Turner before they’re followed up by a sinister-sounding classic rock motif. Managing to show off this amount of diversity in such a short amount of time is an achievement in of itself but the track doesn’t stop giving off a great impression.

Immediately after the aforementioned motif, we’re welcomed by our first taste of the vocals on display and boy, are they something. Consistently broody and emotive, the pipes on display, courtesy of Ewan McCulloch, are very reminiscent of Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age fame which can be considered a very good thing for anyone who is unaware. As the chorus picks up, everything in the band’s presence starts to kick it up another notch: the piano starts to blend it with all the other instruments while still packing a bunch whilst the vocals start to verge into territory Robert Plant has set up residence in. Taking all of this into consideration, you can tell that the band’s performance at King Tut’s on the 28th is gonna be a crowd-pleasing one to put it lightly.

With just a track under their belt, The Mawb seem to have got their careers off to the best start possible. Not being ashamed to wear their influences on their sleeves while further trying to innovate on top of them, the Ayrshire act manages to avoid falling into a niche and deliver a sound capable of getting everyone, young, old and in-between, tapping their foot along to. The Mawb aspire to be more than just an average rock band and they’re currently on the right track to stay true to their claim.


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