TRACK REVIEW: United States of Horror by Ho99o9

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

One thing that seems to be painfully apparent in the influx of anti-Trump tunes since his 2016 election win is the sheer juxtaposition. Of course, it’s great to have bands and artists of all genres to say how much they’re against the tangerine fascist but no one seems to be able to channel the true fear that is embedded in the US right now. After all, gritty guitars and singing can only do so much in conveying the terror a man in such a high position can go through with.

That is until H09909 reappeared from their gloom-drenched cesspool that they’ve called home. Showcasing a knack for crafting spine-chilling tunes with unparalleled lunacy, the American duo said it best themselves in a 2014 post when commenting on their sound:

Not cool, hard to understand, rude & crude, loud & disrespectful, I have Ebola, death dealers, 999 mutant freax

It’s not hard to see where the act lies on the topic of Trump as United States Of Horror kickstarts with booming synths before the staple roaring of The OGM begins. A variety of clips begin to play during the music video as the anarchy resumes, images of Nazi rallies and KKK burnings making the link between Trump and this institutional racism all too apparent. The bass feels like at any moment it’s about to burst, like a balloon almost begging to burst, and it is as daunting as it is intriguing.

While the topic and gargantuan distortedness of the song may be horrifying, United States of Horror still manages to find a catchy hook that will incite passion and rage into anyone lucky to have this song infiltrate their ears.

Ho99o9 have never been and never will be about subtlety, though: the act is more likely to etch their message into your temple with face melting audio brutality than they are to leave their lyrics up to interpretation. It’s what helps the band to stand out from the onslaught of Death Grips impersonators who are under the impression that anyone can bash random keys and become avant-garde.

If Run The Jewels were the smooth but furious answer to America’s incompetence then H099o9 are the full blown anarchy that such neglect and abuse cause. As the United States of Horror goes: if y’all want peace then you better be ready for war and H09909 have delivered the audio equivalent of flamethrowers.






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