TRACK REVIEW: Sweet White – Lovers

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Showing themselves as an act who like to spend time working on their craft rather than rushing it out, Sweet White have returned with a brand-spanking new single named Lovers.

Following up the success of Genine, which you can read more about here, the five or so months in the lab has lead this Peterhead rock act to create something subtle yet fierce: like a lion before it pounces on its prey.

Kicking things off with an ambient, synthetic opening that sounds like it could be found in a PORCHES record, Lovers feels different right off the bat. While their last single displayed the amount of power the band could deliver, on here everything is noticeably and intentionally softer. The only thing that could be described as being within the realms of brutish is the delicate driving bass that backs up the introduction of the love-torn lyrics.

As always, Jake Cordiner’s vocals manage to keep your full attention with their subdued dominance. However, an inclusion of drummer Shaun Wilson as backing vocals, with a hint of distortion, give the song an extra bit of oomph that will help Lovers to stick out in the band’s ever-growing discography. Even the breakdown feels particularly fresh, the guitars only getting slightly more aggressive as the vocals steal the limelight with a ferocious bite to them.

Like every song we’ve had from Sweet White thus far, Lovers is a sum of its part. Each member adds to an ever growing piece of music which, somehow, seem to get better and better with every new single from the act.

You can keep up to date with the band via their Twitter and Facebook





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