VISTAS @ KING TUTS -08/02/2017

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

When your band is currently accumulating upwards of 90,000 listeners per month in addition to being added to countless Spotify playlists, it would be no surprise if your ego was to take over. However, as Prentice Robertson, frontman of Edinburgh rock-pop outfit Vistas, revealed last night, the lucky lads are just as humble as they were this time last year before the release of Sign Language, arguably the band’s breakout single. Playing in front of a packed King Tuts, the band not only acknowledged the iconic-ness of the venue they were performing in but made sure that tonight was a gig to remember.

From start to finish, it was a surprise anyone at the back of the crowd heard anything due to how tightly knit the audience were though it didn’t stop certain people dancing anyway, an achievement for a band of any status let alone one who only have an EP or two to their name. It seemed somewhat poetic that the walls behind the band consisted of modern greats such as The Killers and The Strokes due to how Vistas have managed to adapt their formula of stylish rock over here with a tinge of indie goodness a la Two Door Cinema Club

No song demonstrated this better than Americana off the band’s Medicine EP with alluring opening guitars that pave way for a chorus that will etch itself into your cranium in no time at all. The aforementioned Sign Language also manages to present this incredibly well, being a big enough anthem to challenge Daft Punk’s Get Lucky for the sound of the summer accolade. 

There was also a sneak peek of some new content from the act, specifically Feel Alive (which will receive a full review very soon) but until then, it’s reassuring how Vistas aren’t feeling any temptation to keep things safe and how these little risks are paying off. With their first Glasgow show all wrapped up, it’s no surprise that I don’t expect to see the band play at this level again: big stage next boys, big stage next.





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