The Front Bottoms – Needy When I’m Needy EP REVIEW

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Managing to further refine their already solid pop punk and emo-fueled sound on last year’s Back On Top, one of the best records to be released in 2015, The Front Bottoms have treated fans prior to their UK tour with a two song EP. Titled Needy When I’m Needy, the release features b-sides that didn’t make the cut but upon listening to them, it’s hard to figure out how they didn’t make an appearance on their last LP.

Opening up with Joanie, the similarities between this and Wolfman off the GDP split EP are made pretty apparent: just like how the latter opens up with a shimmering instrumental akin to The Cure, Joanie kicks things off with an echoey guitar that paves the way off for one of the band’s most layered tracks to date. Brian Sella’s delivery of romance adorned quips is still music to the ears, never too droney and as smooth as butter, managing to give off that awkward aura that has cemented The Front Bottoms in the hearts of many introverts. Lines like “Do you ever think maybe I could be one of those things that you hate but eventually learn to love” further solidifies this and are further proof of the jump the band have made in terms of songwriting.

If Joanie represents the new and improved Front Bottoms then Tighten Up displays all the traits that veterans of the acts would describe as classic. Thankfully the step back in sound doesn’t affect the overall quality and still stands out as one of the better tracks the band have crafted over the past year or so. As a youtube comment under the official video puts it perfectly “the trumpet in this song made me nut”.

Needy When I’m Needy stands out as one of The Front Bottom’s most approachable releases to date, showing both sides of the emo outfit like no other release prior to this has. Whether you want to see a more mature and experienced take on their pop punk sound or you want to revel in nostalgia at the sound of horns and drums in unison, this is the EP you need in your life, fan or newcomer alike.







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