Vistas – Medicine EP REVIEW

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

This year sure has flown by, hasn’t it? It seems like only yesterday I was heaping praise on Edinburgh indie rock/pop outfit Vistas for their single Sign Language, a track that wasn’t afraid to embrace some poppier elements to result in a captivating hook that’s resulted in the chorus being permanently embedded in my brain for the most part of 2016. The passion fueling the band was clear to see, well hear, which put them firmly on my radar.

Flash forward to now and it looks like Vistas haven’t been standing idly by as they’ve decided to hit out with an EP, just in case you were needing another few tracks to have on loop. The opening track Medicine, for which the EP is named after, starts off with opening chords that feel familiar but delightfully inviting, followed up by three plus minutes of venue filling anthems: it’s aptly scary that the band have released very little material yet are so capable of making music that would lead you to believe that they’ve been doing this all their lives. Succeeding this is Americana that, while full of the same catchiness that Medicine showcases, incorporates a lot more of what made Sign Language such a hit such as the opening guitars which are as alluring as ever. Peultimate tune Hot Love is exactly what you expect it to be about, accompanying lines about romance, or the lack thereof, (I got your hot love here in the day time/ And your cold calls keeping me warm) with some palpitating drum rhythms to bang that love adorned message home.

It’s no surprise that the artwork for this EP, credit to Sam Williams, manages to sum up the sounds and quality of the release: pills to symbolise not only the name of it but the energy that radiates from Vistas and a heart to touch on the passion of the band as well as some of the more heartfelt lyrics. The sun, while being a nod to Americana, manages to tie up a point I made about the band earlier this year which is still true now: the future’s still looking bright for Vistas.


Medicine EP drops on November 11th with a launch night taking place the following week on the 19th at The Electric Circus. You can find more info as well as links to buying tickets on the band’s facebook page here.





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