TRACK REVIEW: Sweet White – Genine

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Having seen the Peterhead indie rock and pop outfit perform at The Voodoo Rooms last year to promote their Monet EP, Sweet White have been firmly on not only my radar but a vast of music journalists. Going quiet for a brief period, the band has followed up their recent BABYSTRANGE support performance to premiere Genine, a song that has become a staple of every one of their gigs.

Starting off fairly quiet and well-tempered, the track quickly erupts into a belter of a chorus that does a lot to cement frontman Jake Cordiner’s singing abilities, his vocals ranging from fragile and well-spoken to behemoth sized proclamations with ease. Instrumental wise, Genine is arguably the most stripped back of Sweet White’s discography with an absence of glitzy sounds though having them replaced with some apt roaring guitars accompanies the aforementioned vocals superbly.

Having said the band were the next big Scottish band in the making, it’s a relief to see Sweet White solidify this.

You can keep up to date with the band via their Twitter and Facebook in addition to catching the band live at the Tenement Trail in Glasgow next Saturday (October 8th). Genine will be available on all streaming platforms October 7th.

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