ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Fund -We have always lived in The Harolds

By Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)

Trust Fund, for as laid back and dejected as their sound may be, are one of the most active and hard working UK based bands currently playing at the moment. Following a busy 2015 which saw the release of No One’s Coming For Us and Seems Unfair in February and October respectively, the indie pop outfit with Ellis Jones at the helms would be well deserving of a break yet it seems that the creative juices can’t seem to stop bubbling as this past June graced us with We have always lived in The Harolds. Gentler and more sombre than what had previously been released, there’s a great sense of isolation that radiates from this album which is in no small part due to the different location. Jones’ move from Bristol to Leeds is what makes everything from some simple lines ( It feels different now ? I don’t know exactly why) to the ambient sounds that are embedded within these 9 tracks all feel deeply personal even if their inclusions are miscellaneous.

There’s a very reflective aesthetic to We have always lived in The Harolds which is wonderfully emphasised by Jones’ dreamy vocal delivery: Starting off delicate and high pitched with opening track wwsd, his voice adapts and changes to whatever the song in question demands which is blatantly clear on Would that be an adventure where an odd vocoder effect walks the fragile line between being evocative and sounding like a b-side off of a Kanye West record. It’s all extremely soothing and comes across as fully realised adaptations of alienated thoughts especially in the context of the instrumental performances themselves, which Jones recorded the majority of himself.

In an interview with goldflakepaint, Jones mentions that while he likes the new setting of Leeds ” I don’t feel that settled here”. This rickety feeling can be felt in some of the transitions which rather than chipping away at the overall quality of the album helps to give it a bit of character. Trust Fund’s entire discography are essentially DIY garments, all full of unconventional but lovable creases: We have always lived in The Harolds can join the wardrobe with a sound mind and no worries of being thrown in the ironing pile anytime soon.

We have always lived in The Harolds is out now. You can buy it here







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