Acting as a compilation of some of the band’s previously released EP’s, End Call is a sweet and delightful helping of dirty, grimey indie goodness from the minds of Bloody Death, the second act to release music under the independent DIY label Sorbie rd.

First glancing at the collective run-time of this release, it’s clear that grungegazey outfit BLOODY DEATH specialise in cram packed tracks shot with a Tommy gun-esque fire rate. Much like their Sorbie rd. label counterparts The Pale Kids, the band thrive on delivering a witty, charisma fuelled sound with solid songwriting and even more solid lyricism.

It’s made brutally clear with the opening track The Past Is Boring that this is the case with chugging guitars floating alongside the slurred lines about romance. While starting off sweet and heartfelt ( I wanna be the bridge to your favourite band/ Maybe one day you’ll like me as much as them) it all starts to spiral somewhat uncertainly into some sour words about a loveless relationship which kind of sets a precedent for the first half of End Call: don’t try and predict what’s gonna happen next.

While this is shown on a lyrical level as shown previously, the transition from the futuristic audio clusterfuck that is Quit It Quick into the far more stripped back and stable Chill Out And Have Some Weed Dad is proof that the band can be just as inconsistent with what they’re crafting as they are with what they jot down.

As we get to the latter half of the release, which we certainly don’t reach at a snail’s pace, BLOODY DEATH start to creak into the much adored CRYWANK territory of beautifully sounding self deprecation. Manifested best on the aptly named We’re No Longer In Love With Me, we get given the millennial blues about past loves not calling though with it being so perfectly paired with ominous strings, the emotion is given the well deserved attention and it’s here where the band arguably shine their brightest though a lo-fi screechy climax makes sure to make things interesting on all aspects.

End Call is an achievement not only for BLOODY DEATH, who have displayed their songwriting capabilities and masterfully and have made them officially the best sounding UK S A D B O Y S, but for Sorbie Rd also. With two fantastic acts and releases under their belts, it’s becoming blatantly clear that the label will soon become the new kitchen for up and coming alternative acts.


-Liam Menzies (@blinkclyro)





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