ALBUM REVIEW: Death Grips – Bottomless Pit

Dwelling into what made your glory days so, well, glorious can be a dangerous task: pull it off and fans will see you as a perfectionist, fail and others will assume you’ve ran out of ideas. Thankfully it’s the former for Sacramento hip hop, rock act Death Grips, a band whose delivery of music has been almost as unrelentless as their sound. Since 2015 alone they’ve released The Powers That B, a double LP, as well as a purely instrumental EP titled Interview 2016. Seems like they’ve made good on that tease that they “might release some new music”.

What we’ve got on our soon to be destroyed plates here is a meal worth drooling over. A sonic assault on the senses, Bottomless Pit manages to both repulse with its intentionally gross and manipulative lyrics while treating the listeners to some of the most aggressive performances Death Grips have ever crafted. Giving Bad People Good Ideas is as brash as they come with some borderline black metal drums being the driving force behind this balls to the wall anthem alongside some soft and tender female vocals.

The standout track though, without a doubt, is Three Bedrooms In A Good House, a song that cannot be tamed. Full to the brim with some classic MC Ride brutal imagery, “Cyborg swelling pregnant can’t abort, the reversed instrumentals are further enhanced by the always brilliant production that is present on every Death Grips release. Crisp and luscious, it seems like every time the band seem to have reached their peak, they come out with something that blows it out the water.

With Bottomless Pit, Death Grips have managed to cross past successes with their own creative wit to deliver what is without the long awaited evolution of one of the most exciting acts of the 21st century. Displaying the accessibility of The Money Store, the punk influences of Ex Military and the utter craziness of The Powers That B, Death Grips can’t seem to falter on their golden run.







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