TRACK REVIEW: Soul Of Bass – Just The Thing

While many of us are able to leave our teenage creations and names behind us (MSN’s destruction has lead to a lot of cringe worthy material disappearing from the face of the planet), Ƶed Dew is not so lucky. Naming his “Internet Indie at its finest” project Soul Of Bass at the age of 14 is one that he admits isn’t a very good one and is a nice little nod to his self deprecating nature that the artist manages to convey nicely on Just The Thing.

Despite the fact that this track is accompanied by a music video involving lots of references to videogame consoles, the sound itself is without a doubt the most “indie” Soul of Bass has delivered thus far. While previous tracks like Path Of Light have had a 8-bit lick of paint to them, Just The Thing ticks all the boxes for what you’ve come to expect from a solo artist armed with a guitar: Humble? Check. Love adorned lyrics? Check. A hook that will etch itself into your mind and one that you’ll find impossible to stop humming to yourself? Check.

Soul Of Bass has admitted that he doesn’t yearn to be a rockstar despite his idols being the likes of Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins which, while not entirely unique, is refreshing in this internet music-sphere where artists sometimes struggle to keep their ever growing ego at bay. If he continues with this attitude and starts to delve more into his electronic tinged sound that he has previously experimented on, there’s definitely a place in this saturated market for Soul Of Bass.

Soul Of Bass






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