RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW: Hector Bizerk @ West Of The Moon

Scottish hip hop was the focus in Ayr on February 22nd, a sentence I never thought I’d ever have to type in my career as a journalist (first time for everything, eh?). Having supported some genre heavyweights like Wu-Tang Clan and MF DOOM, Hector Bizerk were all set to take The West Of The Moon by storm, a local bar that has now become a prime location for promoters Shaun and Liam McCluskey to show off the nation’s talent.

The experimental group knew what they were in for: after all, it was here back in November where they watched a passion fueled Bella & The Bear dominate the stage which Hector Bizerk managed to replicate perfectly.

With support acts Brothers and Polaroid People no doubt acting as the rock hypemen for the show, there was nothing the audience could do to prepare themselves for what they were about to behold. The high octane nature of their music was a natural catalyst for the crowd with the venue just hardly holding all of those who came along. The band themselves couldn’t keep it all in with Louie taking the title as First Man To Crowd Surf At The West Of The Moon.

With the band set to travel across Europe in a matter of weeks, Hector Bizerk displayed the very showmanship that will further help to etch their names into the mind of music lovers everywhere. The Scottish edge and vigour that manifests every second of their performance is what makes them a must see and what resulted in this being the best West Of The Moon gig yet.

Ayr was shook to its  very core tonight: forget the richter scale, Hector Bizerk can’t be quantified.





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