ALBUM REVIEW: Deftones – Gore

Gore is certainly a hostile LP though it is one that finds brief moments of tranquility, making sure that listeners don’t become desensitised to the band’s heavy hitting music and lyrics. As frontman Chino Moreno put it, it’s not a happy record but it’s not a completely angry record either.

Saying that a metal record sounds aggressive is such a cop out thing to spout when reviewing it yet that’s the only way that Deftones latest LP can be described. Despite the obvious blasting riffs and clamorous drums that are a plenty on here, aggression is something that is found both in the band themselves and their sound.

This isn’t news to anyone who has paid attention to Deftones for any period of time. Undoubtedly their magnum opus, White Pony represented a change in the band and put them into the limelight despite the fact that, in the band’s words, “making the record almost killed us”. With stories of members hating one another and clashing being customary, it seems like a lot of what drives an album like Gore isn’t just what the band are playing but what goes on in the background as well.

On top of that, this album is certainly a lot more easy listening and enjoyable than anything the band have released post-White Pony with some delightfully slick transitions and hooks, most notably the bad trip Acid Hologram that transitions into Doomed User that piledrives you with some hefty riffs that are a true joy to behold.

Whilst there are a handful of tracks that stick out as being sub par, Phantom Bride being painfully dull despite the presence of Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains fame, Gore can be classed as Deftones second wind of sorts with some dazzling spectacles of songwriting mastercraft as well as their natural knack of hooks. It may fall short at some points but the band know what they do best and when they’re good, they’re really fucking good.






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