GIG REVIEW: CHVRCHES + The Twilight Sad @ SSE Hydro

Things really couldn’t be going any better for synth pop act CHVRCHES. Starting off as a little band from Glasgow producing EPs full of fluttery, vivid beats with equally beautiful vocals, they followed it up with two LPS that were full of charm, great production and, more importantly, the same energy and passion they displayed masterfully tonight.

Playing to a massive audience at the world class Hydro arena, where influencer Duran Duran had appeared at just a few months ago, this was a huge moment for the act to show their adaptability. They weren’t alone in this challenge either as The Twilight Sad were there on support after just playing a tremendous gig at the Barrowlands last December so it was a big night for all involved, making the execution even more satisfying.

 A Scottish superhouse of a gig, Twilight Sad filled the venue with their tear enducing, beautiful heartfelt tracks that went from crowd catalysts to somber, retrospective pieces that showed the true flexibility of the act. Despite the fact that an intimate venue like the Barrowlands suits them better, they still managed to justify being chosen and with a MSG performance alongside The Cure coming soon, the boys are definitely prepared for the challenge ahead. 

However, it was the main act who stole the show. Whether they went from the colossal FIFA anthem We Sink to the slower temp Science + Visions, CHVRCHES showed the same versatility that made The Twilight Sad such a joy to behold. The members never took a second to catch their breath during tracks, going from keyboard to bass and back again with millisecond reactions, something that makes the pin point perfect synth tracks of the band even more impressive on a venue of this scale.

  The aforementioned wonderful vocals of front woman Lauren Mayberry took on a life of their own as they reflected off every corner of the hydro to further amplify the band’s pitch perfect tracks with the result being clear to see on the faces of everyone in atttendance, smiles on show everywhere.

Mayberry herself showed that behind the cute, glitter sprinkled surface that she was fierce. Regardless if she was roaming the stage like a predator hunting her prey or telling off cat callers for wolf whistling (“I’m wearing sports pants under this, it’s not that kinda show pal”), Mayberry was a star in every way. Undisputedly a Wonder Woman figure as she flung the mic around like a lasso, CHVRCHES put on a performance on a scale not too different from your typical superhero blockbuster.

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2 thoughts on “GIG REVIEW: CHVRCHES + The Twilight Sad @ SSE Hydro”

    1. No problem at all. It was pathetic to see people ruin such a fantastic performance but to see Lauren stand up like that felt very empowering and was refreshing to see!


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