TRACK REVIEW: Sunrise Skater Kids – Rylo Ken

If you couldn’t tell from the release date of Sunrise Skater Kids debut album being April 1st then it’s worth mentioning the band are as much of a legitimate emo band as The Lonely Island are a hip hop act. After last year’s success with his satirical album Beating A Dead Horse, Jarrod Alonge is returning next month under this aforementioned parody band name with a bunch of guest vocalists set to join him as he pokes fun at a genre fronted by men in their late 20’s for girls and guys in their teens.

Varrick Jay, a friend of Alonge and frontman of Insomniac, is the lead vocals on SSK’s latest track Rylo Ken which is vastly different to the track that came before it Pit Warrior. The high octane, snarling guitar full sound has been swapped out for a calmer, acoustic one which won’t be anything new for anyone who has listened to music ever. The fact of the matter is though that no one listens to these songs for the instrumentals and breakdowns, enjoyable as they are, they’re here for the laughs and thankfully there’s plenty.

Showcasing a wit that Weird Al made a name for himself out of, we get a song from the perspective of Darth Vader’s number one fan Kylo Ren which perfectly suits a genre that is best known for being full of songs that are essentially just moaning about mundane things. Complaining about how no one will ever understand him and saying “I hate you Dad”, it’s clear Alonge has a clear knack for making hilarious tracks and hasn’t just went for whatever is popular to parody, instead choosing his subject matter carefully which results in some of the best comedic music I’ve heard since Ninja Sex Party.

With Sunrise Skater Kid’s debut album just mere days away, I’ll have my khaki shorts on and my pizza at the ready to witness what other side splitting stuff the “band” have to offer.





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