GIG REVIEW: Wolf Alice @ Barrowlands

It’s fair to say that Wolf Alice are a totem to indie rock, dominating 2015 with their grunge-lite sound and powerful live shows during the annual festival season as well as their drenge supported tour that was a wet dream for anyone who has picked up a copy of NME.

So whenever I walked up the biffy clyro lyric adorned steps into the Barrowland Ballroom, I was filled with both excitement and dread: afterall, the amount of acts I’ve been hyped for only to walk out with a sense of disappointment can be counted on more than two hands. Thankfully though, these London rockers seem to have an unprecedented consistency of great performances as I and the venue itself were left trembling with glee after this experience.

Despite the fact they only just released their debut LP My Love Is Cool last year, Wolf Alice could easily pass for a band who have years and years of experience under their belts. There’s no saviour complex on show a la Alex Turner, just a group of four perky up and comers who somehow act humble while delivering face melting, snarly guitar riffs that could fill stadiums with ease.

The transition from record is seamless, Ellie Rowsell’s vocals being particularly impressive with the calm cooing and rageful roars being very much pitch perfect as well. This is particularly true on closing track Giant Peach, a well titled godzilla sized anthem that delivers the final, glitter drenched blow to the audience.

While little was said by the band other than the usual “happy to be back in glasgow” line, more was said via their actions than could be done by words. Smiles were present on every members face, something you’d expect to see less of considering how far into their tour they are. Bassist Theo Ellis was by far the most lively of the act, swinging around a bottle of buckfast to show he had been embracing the local culture, maybe a bit too much as he would never stay at the one spot for too long.

One thought was shared by many at the gig and that was what album two is going to be like: will it be more of the same? Will we witness a total departure from their current sound? Wolf Alice have shown tonight that they’re masters of slow, melodic beauty as well as gargantuan, rock anthems so whatever album two brings, it’ll be a release that everyone in attendance tonight will be eagerly anticipating.



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