Dan & Drum-Fixin Up Right TRACK REVIEW

In the world of music, sometimes it’s not just your sound that is important but your own public persona, something that can help change you from being just another white boy with a guitar into something else entirely. Take Mac DeMarco for example, a talented artist whose wacky, odd sense of humour and actions help to make him stand out from the norm while his music is there to cement the fact he deserves the attention he gets.

Humour can go a long way and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a main factor that drew me in to Dan & Drum, a band from California that approached me via my tumblr with the promise of an unbreakable childhood bond and Dan in question getting a little turned on by the coverage. Out of all the emails I get, this one stood out and thankfully this humour wasn’t a tacky gimmick either as Dan & Drum are a delightfully laid back, chilled act who implement some rather weird sounds into their tracks that go hand in hand with the aforementioned weirdness.

Without sounding moronic, Fixin Up Right starts off with a charming albeit simplistic drum beat that along with the weirdly twinged guitars and almost Bon Iver vocal delivery though less draped in sadness and more perky and ambitious like Dan had downed one or twenty cups of coffee. Often it’ll go a bit creaky, maybe even out of tune but along with that odd guitar I mentioned, Dan And Drum seems to pride itself on its own peculiarity which makes recommending this act an easy job. Even if everything I’ve referred to puts you off, it’s worth checking out especially if any of the comparisons to Bon Iver and Mac DeMarco have peaked your interest at all.

Dan and Drum: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr


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