New Tropics – Morphine TRACK REVIEW

If you were to look at Chichester rock band New Tropics social media, more specifically their photos of broken equipment including a heavily chipped drum and a telecaster with a chunk out of it, you’d probably expect a roguish pack of boys with a very rough sound. Whilst I can’t say much about the former, the latter is a bit more of a dilemma especially on their debut track Morphine.

The song clocks in at an easily digestible length of just over 3 minutes and over this measure of time we’re treated to a very alluring bass along with a sufficient enough vocal delivery from the band’s frontman that sounds slightly gravely but not Paolo Nutini levels where it can become a bit divisive. Like the track’s name would imply, this is a track that is very addictive and whilst it may be quite simple overall, a Royal Blood-esque clash of pounding drums and clunky guitars at the midway point never fails to please my ears. Both this and the aforementioned vocal delivery results in a song that is as smooth as it is rugged and for the most part this works in the bands favour.


New Tropics biography on all their social media leaves very little information to get what the band aspire to be, who they’re inspired by and a whole bunch of other questions that leaves me feeling quite mystified. This, along with what is a pretty decent first track, has me intrigued about not only what this act want to do but how they’re going to achieve it. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled, I advise you do too.

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