Track Review: Pouty – Sad

California sweethearts deliver a track full of glamoured up qualms about anxiety

White women singing about feeling sad and suicidal? Well that’s new. Whilst this may be something we’ve came to know (and get sick of) with Lana Del Rey, it would be harsh to say that Pouty are trying to rip her off in any sort of way. Instead, we’re welcomed with a fresh and delightfully simple track that has all the makings of a summertime gem while still dealing with the pain of being miserable.


This Californian act’s pop rock sound benefits greatly from the chill vibe you tend to get with a West Coast band and the dreary choice of topic on this track doesn’t drag it down. Sad has a hook where lead singer Rachel Gagliardi tells the listener that everything she ever wanted is “disappearing now” and “regressing so fast”, lyrics that could be found on any emo song yet still feel at home with the juxtaposing happy racket.


While this track may play perfectly into the “sad girl” aesthetic that is prevalent in music nowadays, Pouty never really goes overboard with any of their depictions of unhappiness. Much like the sound, it’s kept very uncomplicated which definitely plays into its favour. A charming song from a charming band.

Pouty’s debut album Take Me To Honey Island, released February 16th, can be preordered down below on the band’s bandcamp.


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