Skinny Dream by New Girls track review

Not even one day into 2016 and we’ve already been graced with some amazing new music from the likes of Kanye West, getting the new year off with a bang!

It’s not just AAA acts who are treating music fans today though as shown by Gender punk band New Girls. Based in Ayr/Glasgow, not too far away from Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro who just showcased a new track last night, the group have released their debut single over on Soundcloud.

Skinny Dream comes after an amazing year of supporting Fatherson earlier in 2015, undoubtedly a great achievement for the act. From the very start of this humoursly timed 4 min 20 sec track, it’s hard not to be impressed by how expertly produced it is with a wonderful 30 second instrumental that’s quickly followed by what can only be described as anti love ramblings. The chorus hits this home with lead singer Arion delivering the cynical message of “getting lost in your heartlessness”. 

From beginning to end it’s hard to deny the talent and potential New Girls show by managing to make a song sound so upbeat and catchy while discussing something like romance with such a pessimistic perspective. 

“Start the way you mean to finish” is something I hear a lot and I can only hope New Girls take the advice on board as they’re onto something very special. 

New Girls: Twitter | Facebook

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