Review: Bring Me The Horizon, O2 Academy, Glasgow – November 24th 2015

2015 is undeniably the biggest year for Sheffield band Bring Me The Horizon, in no small part to their latest album That’s The Spirit which reached number two in the UK album charts after they ditched their old metalcore sound for a less aggressive rock approach. After a dramatic change to the band’s dynamic on 2013 album Sempiternal, this alteration to appeal to a wider group of music fans was inevitable and has ultimately paid off with arguably the best album of their career (you can read my thoughts about it here).

So what better way to celebrate a huge career by putting on some of the biggest shows of your career. Oli Sykes and Co. started off their UK tour in none other than Glasgow, more specifically the O2 Academy which somehow managed to accommodate the gigantic number of fans that filled up so much of the street that there had to be security to manage the flood of enthusiastic fans.

I suppose it was foreshadowing to have the security on show though as the night was full of death walls and mosh pitting that would have even a veteran bouncer quivering in his short sleeved shirt. Opening song on That’s The Spirit Doomed conveniently opened the set as an LED screen behind reacted in real time to what was happening, be it the heartfelt lyrics or the blaring synths that rocked the venue to its core.

The band didn’t left up as Happy Song had the night’s first incident of anarchy as fans bashed one another to one of the best breakdowns witnessed at a concert, only stopping to catch a breath near the last few seconds to chant the name of their latest album. There was also True Friends that appeared on the set list, showcasing an orchestra orientated backing track as the band jumped in unison throughout the song, no doubt down to the band’s daily workout routine that they revealed in last week’s NME.


Also revealed in that same interview was the band’s love of gaming that helps fill in the time between gigs. This love could also be felt when a barrage of old tracks were played, specifically Shadow Moses which references the location off the game Metal Gear Solid as well featuring a similar vocal arrangement to a track featured off the game’s soundtrack. The audience screaming “this is Sempiternal” was a spine chilling experience as you felt the second hand pain of the mosh pitting anarchy that ensued.

There was also Sleepwalking that featured a minimalistic yet haunting opening that carried throughout the performance, accomapnied by some glimpses of the band’s earlier sound which made older fans feel nostalgic, especially when Chelsea Smile made an appearance.

 The performance itself was utterly flawless, showing that Bring Me The Horizon have managed to convince those who once criticised them as being generic while still staying true to their roots. The only gripe I have, which if you follow me on social media you’ll know already, is the fans themselves who had their phones oht throughout the entire gig, tainting what was an amazing performance by having to witness it through an iPhone 5 screen.

A few years back I would have called you stupid for saying Bring Me The Horizon were potential headliners but after Tuesday’s performance, they’ve proved that they’re in a league of their own. Don’t be surprised if you see them rocking the top of a festival line up sometime soon.


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