Sweet White gig w/ Monet EP review 

As I walked into the Edinburgh venue Peterhead band Sweet White were playing at, there was an overwhelming sense that something wasn’t quite right. “It looks like something out of Twin Peaks” quipped frontman Jake Cordiner as the band to prepared to go on stage.

As they began to play, the same amazing surrealism that the cult 90’s TV show provided was there for all to see at the Voodoo Rooms tonight as Cordiner and Co possessed everyone’s attention.

Promoting their new EP, titled Monet, the boys weren’t shy to show off their new material. Take for instance the opening track Tides, which recently was released alongside a well directed music video, that features some great lyrical content alongside a spectacular breakdown.

The title track Monet shared the same nature as Tides, featuring a spectacular riff that would make Foals jealous. Jenine was a song that was difficult not to hum to myself on the walk back to my train, with a hook so catchy that it expertly reflects the pop elements that the band unashamedly embrace.

That’s not to say there weren’t any golden oldies, a term that you don’t find yourself often using when describing an up and coming band. There’s a track played tonight that is named after the band themselves and all I could think of when listening along was that it took a page out of Kings Of Leon’s book when crafting a slower paced cracking tune.

When the band announced that the set closer was named Dazing, I was reminded of the indie gem California Daze from the title alone. Unlike the chill tune that Peace crafted, what fans get is a deceitfully energetic tune that evolves just when you think it couldn’t get any better. An amazing set closer and although the band might sing about a character not knowing much, they themselves know how to craft a catchy tune.

Both the gig and their EP were amazing to put it lightly. The band have all the makings of a true juggernaut and more often than not I’d say “time will only tell” if they’d be able to make use of this potential.

I’m not going to say that here though. Sweet White are going places and there’s no stopping that. The next big Scottish band in the making.

You can catch Sweet White tonight at the Green Room in Perth tonight with gigs at the Eagle Bar in Inverness tomorrow (17th) and the tour finale at the Harbor Lights in Peterhead on the 24th. They’ll be selling the Monet EP for £5 at their merch table alongside some black and white t-shirts. You can follow them on Twitter here.

Big love, Liam x

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