Antique Pony – Unalbum review

It seems like I never grow tired of going on about local and upcoming bands. Whether it be my fanboying of Codist a few weeks back after seeing them for the first time at The West Of The Moon or the raving review I gave Sweet White in my first and only (so far) blink or you’ll miss it.

This week, I’ve turned my attention to Glasgow yet again to review avant-rock band Antique Pony. With a name as odd and creative as that, you’d be expecting the sound to match and that’s exactly what they deliver on their fourth full length record Unalbum, recently released for free on the site’s Bandcamp.

As I had stated before in my CHVRCHES album review, location can make all the difference when it comes to how your album sounds and it seems like Antique Pony have takena page straight out of the Synth Pop group’s book. Recorded, written and mixed in various bedrooms across Glasgow, you’d be mistaken for thinking the whole thing wasn’t crafted in a studio with its slick polished and professional production value.

On top of all that, the music these young musicians produce is utterly refreshing, drawing influences from not only other artists like Sun City Girls and John Zorn but also film and literature. With jaggy guitar led sound making the album’s sound even more distinctive, it’s not hard to see why fans have said they make the avant garde catchy.

You can listen to Unalbum here.

Big love, Liam x

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