Review: Mac DeMarco @ O2 ABC – 7th September

Mac DeMarco is a bit of a weird yet charming character if you didn’t know already. If he isn’t tagging “camel pussy warehouse” as his  location on Instagram posts then he’s paying fans 69 cent for covers of his songs or telling them his address at the end of his albums.

The atmosphere was calm to start off with, nothing outright weird or obscure. Little did anyone know that this was the calm before the storm as Mac came on stage to a roar of applause and screams as he went straight to business and hit out with The Way You’d Love Her. As he gets the crowd swaying and jumping about while singing along, you’d forget he’s been on tour for months now yet still finding the energy to roam around the stage as if it was his own.

In fact, forget what I said about crowd, it’s a sea of folk wearing dungarees and Viceroy caps. People outside the venue were asking for tickets to the sold out show, not wanting to miss out on such an event. For someone’s whose music has only recently been played on British radio stations, it’s an achievement that DeMarco has been able to pull a crowd of any size on the same night as the Scotland vs Germany game, let alone a sell out show.

He didn’t let leave fans underwhelmed though as he evenly spaced out his discography throughout the set list. From Salad Days to 2 back to recent album Another One, DeMarco seamlessly transitioned from one track to the other, keeping the crowd on their toes at all times anticipating what was coming next.

It wasn’t a safe set list though even for the most dedicated members of the crowd. Four tracks in, the famous opening chords for Under The Bridge are played from our gaptooth Canadian friend as he lets out a smile and sets off a singalong on a scale that makes you wonder how the ABC was still standing in one piece afterwards. There was also a cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman, a staple of his tour, that closed the set and in the best way possible.

Most artists fail or at least stumble when it comes to going from album to live performances. Either the vocals aren’t nearly as good or the performance isn’t up to scratch. Mac’s cigarette inflicted voice still has a charm that’s unlike anyone around right now and his antics on stage, whether it be him lunging as if he was a gym instructor or crowd surfing, kept the crowd entertained and off their phones, something many acts fail to do.

It’s very rare that a gig has a massive effect on you long after you’ve let which isn’t early symptoms of tinnitus but Mac DeMarco proved that he’s in a league of his own. Not only has he came out with one of the best albums of the year but he’s gave one of the performances the O2 ABC has ever witnessed.

Not bad for a guy who started writing songs for a joke.

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