Review: Chloe Marie @ King Tuts – 22nd August 2015

It seems fitting that this would be the review I do today. It’s been two years since I’ve started my blog and although it’s moved from different platform, it’s remained the same: a scrawny scottish guy talking about what interests him. Music has always been a large chunk of what I write about and although I love to review AAA albums from artist I love, my main aim has always been to draw attention to the artists who I think deserve it the most. It’s a joy to help anyone that you think is talented, regardless if it’s 1000 folk or 10 who decide to listen to you.

Less about me, more about the gal herself: Chloe Marie, a singer songwriter hailing from a small village in Ayrshire with a huge heart. She has had a wonderful year so far with her debut track Without You In The Frame was released in March and greeted with a warm reception, followed up with some gigs all around Ayrshire. Having written her own songs and performing for many years at various talent shows, it’s no surprise that Chloe is such a natural when she’s on stage. This was obvious to all who were lucky enough to see her at King Tuts this weekend, a venue that has welcomed many acts from Ayrshire such as Echo Valley and Biffy Clyro who have all experienced success in bucketloads, something that Chloe should prepare herself for after she exceeded all expectations.

She opened her set with the track Runway, a fitting track as it tells of the singers’ ambitions and how she’s got her sights set on success. “You see I’m done with your negative ways, how they held me tight, i’m making my way”  she sings fiercely over the aggressive strum of the guitar, resulting in a track so upbeat and folk-esque that it would have Mumford and Sons green with envy.

This was swiftly followed up with Baby I Will Follow You and despite the fact the subject matter in the song was a bit more sombre, regarding an intense relationship at a young age, it still managed to remain in the heads of everyone who was there long after the gig was over thanks to her knack of creating catchy hooks on her tracks. Lyrics such as “We are innocent little ships, innocent as a life just begun”  make it hard to believe that it was crafted very earlier in Chloe’s career at the age of 17 due to how simple yet fitting it is.


Picture taken by Martin Bone

The gig was finished with Without You In The Frame and Changing respectively , two of Chloe’s best known tracks that highlight her impressive vocals and show the great potential she has. With veteran musician Scott Nicol taking on the role as manager for her, his experience will no doubt work well with what Chloe has learned so far from her gigs. There were smiles all round at the King Tuts on Saturday and no doubt there’ll be more to come in this singer’s future.

Liam Menzies


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