Robyn & La Bagatelle Magicque – Love Is Free track review

Best of July #1

As much as I’m called a hipster by my friends, I’d be straight up lying if I said I knew of La Bagatelle Magicque before I came across this snazzy dance tune earlier this week. Although at first glance it might sound like La Bagatelle Magicque is some sort of obscure folk band a la Bon Iver, it’s in fact a music project fronted by none other than Robyn a.k.a that lassie who sang Dancing On Her and With Every Heartbeat. The group also comprises of keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt as well as the producer Christian Falk who sadly passed away last year.

Despite this sad news, La Bagatelle Magicque have overcame these troubles in order to manage to deliver a positive sound with their music that perfectly fits the summer release date they’re aiming for. It’s impossible to listen to Love Is Free without drawing a few comparisons, first and probably the most blatant one being Disclosure. The looping line that’s taken from the title of the song is reminiscent of Shake That though this is hardly a bad thing.

It would be a sin to review this track without giving praise to the lady herself Robyn who’s sweet yet promiscuous voice goes hand in hand with the lyrics she delivers over bouncy hip hop beats. “Safe like a rubber” is iterated over a squeaking synth that on paper may sound annoying but is weirdly pleasing to the ears.

A song which manages to trump the melancholic production it had, Love Is Free is an upbeat tune which is destined to be a club anthem in no time. Won’t be long now till Limmy starts talking about this song being the sound of the summer rather than Get Lucky.

Listen to it here!

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