Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her track review

Best of July #2

Mac DeMarco is sort of a big deal. His 2014 album Salad Days was met with universal acclaim and triggered a wave of recognition for the Marlboro smoking Canadian.Over the course of a year he went from a grimy, rugged hair musician making music in his own apartment to an internet icon, his online antics easily gaining him a loyal fan base.

Despite this success, DeMarco has never changed as a person. He’s always been a charming guy, his interviews showing a man who’s yet to let album of the year accolades get to his head and will gladly have fans over for a cup of coffee (listen to the end of his mini LP Another One to get the address if you’re up to the challenge).

Very much in the same way he’s stayed a down to earth, charming guy, so to has his music kept that fuzzy warmth to it that he excelled with on Salad Days. I’ve Been Waiting For Her doesn’t have the exact same sound, instead a more perfected version of what fans have experienced before. His lyrics are still as sappy and sincere as ever, showing that he’s more than just a loveable goofball who likes to talk about anuses on Instagram. “Give up my life for the rhythm, for the beat of a heart like hers” he delivers over a delightful simplistic blend of guitars. It’s the kind of song you’d love to have played while walking along the beach or just relaxing in the sun.

DeMarco isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. Mini LP Another One is released on August 7th though if you can’t wait that long then I’m totally not suggesting that you listen to a leak that is no doubt circulating the internet. He’ll be touring the UK this summer as well, you’d be a sucker to miss out on him.

Listen to the track here!

Liam Menzies

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