Bring Me The Horizon – Throne EP Review

Best of July #4

I need to put this out there before I start this review: I don’t like Bring Me The Horizon.

Well that’s not exactly true. I don’t like their early death core stuff, whether or not it was because the sound was just generic or I could only handle so much of singer Oli Sykes screaming before I had to turn it off. I gave the band a listen recently after one too many double vodkas and wouldn’t you know it, their latest album was actually not too bad, even now when I’m in a sober albeit sleep deprived state.

The trait off their 2013 album Sempiternal that I enjoyed, that being their new synth heavy sound, is thankfully present on Throne,the Sheffield band’s latest EP, which gives fans a taste of what they should expect from their upcoming album That’s The Spirit.

First track off Throne is, unsurprisingly, is the eponymously named track Throne. It’s fitting that the music video for the track features martial artists, flame torches and energetic performances from the band as the track shares all these characteristics. Although the synths that are prevalent throughout most of the song are nothing as enjoyable as the ones off Sleepwalking, they still manage to have some effect on you though I couldn’t help thinking I was listening to a Linkin Park B-side. The lyrics are also a bit tacky but I’ll admit I enjoyed a few lines so I would call it more of a guilty pleasure than anything.

The B-side to Throne is the oddly named Happy Song since as soon as you hear it, “joy” isn’t the first word I’d use to describe it. However it’s not a terrible song at all, featuring a catchy chorus as well as an eery group of children chanting in the background.

Sykes described their new album as being about where we stand as a generation and that message can be noticed if you listen to the lyrics. Our generation uses music as more than just entertainment as some depend on it as a sort of lifeline which can be heard from the chorus where Sykes belts out “if I sing along a little fucking louder to a happy song I’ll be alright” which follows the scarily short verse about suffering from depression. Already I can see this relating to a lot of those who listen to the band and even if the message were to go over anyone’s head there would still be enjoyment to be had.

Like I said at the beginning I’m not a fan of the band but what I’ve heard from them so far, Bring Me The Horizon could be onto something big. A track that they released last year Drown has been on repeat on my Spotify playlist and if this appeal can last the 12 tracks off their upcoming album then I’ll no doubt warm up to the band even more. That’s The Spirit comes out on September 11th, keep it on your radar.

Listen to the EP here:

2.Happy Song

Liam Menzies

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