Album Reviews: 25/05/2015-31/05/2015 inc. The Vaccines, Lifehouse and Jarrod Alonge

The Vaccines – English Graffiti

The Vaccines’ third album has been a long time coming, well in terms of their normal speed it is. Their appropriately titled sophmore album Come Of Age came out just 18 months after their successful debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines, both of which are indie gems in their own right. I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time but when I heard their first new track in almost 3 years Handsome, I was slightly worried to say the least. The track was almost unrecognisable, as if I was listening to a different band altogether.

However, after reading an interview with frontman Justin Young in NME earlier this year all was made clear. “We wanted to make something that sounds amazing next year but terrible in 10 years!” he said and although I can’t comment on the latter, I can confidently say they’ve achieved the former.

The aforementioned Handsome  is packed to the brim with confidence,  Young blasting lyrics at inconsistent speeds raging from medium to 100mph over skittery guitar lines. The production on this job helps to make it sound messy but to its advantage, resulting in one of the highlights of this album.

Follow up track Dream Lover is another stand out track, the chorus etching its way into your head after a few listens. The Vaccines have returned back with a bang and with a new set of stellar tracks in their back pocket, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with this festival season.

Lifehouse – Out Of The Wasteland

never expected to be reviewing this album as I’ll admit that Lifehouse are a band that I’ve never really heard of. After a bit of research I found out that they’re really big over in America and they were nice enough to send me a copy of their latest album Out Of The Wasteland, the 7th in the LA band’s lifetime.

The band have a style of rock that I can only describe as Marmite. There are some who’ll draw comparisons to other rock heavyweights like Bon Jovi and others who’ll draw comparisons to someone like Nickelback. However one thing that can be agreed on is the hard work that the band have put into their sound.

Lead single Hurricane is full of energy, acting as a sign of things to come over the duration of this album. It’s been described by lead singer Jason Wade as the backbone to the album and its good that they chose some appropriate foundation to lay their work on.

It’s not all energetic though as the slower moments are full of the catchy yet equally as mesmerising lyrics you may expect from a band like Lifehouse. Although the band may not have the same fanbase over here in the UK, the sound they have is one, in my opinion, would please fans of bands like the Stereophonics. Given time, this LA band are bound to make it big over here with their consistent hard work and admirable approach to their music.

Jarrod Alonge – Beating A Dead Horse

Pizza. Mum and Dad not understanding. The town you’re living in being a shithole. These are cliches that seem to plague pop punk and have done for ages and Jarrod Alonge knows this very well. His youtube channel is a personal favourite of mine, if you’ve not seen every pop punk vocalist ever then check it, and he manages to translate this humour effortlessly to this album.

Maybe me reviewing this album seriously is a joke in itself but I feel like it deserves the recognition because not only does it mock its subject well but it’s also really enjoyable. Pop Punk Pizza Party is clearly taking a dig at the Defend Pop Punk crowd yet I can’t help but sing along to it word for word when it comes on. The Distance Between Me And You Is Longer Than The Title Of This Song couldn’t be trying any harder to sound like a mix of American Football and The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die. “I watch the sunrise countless, I think I lost my library card” is one of the numerous lines that made me crack a smile due to the delivery.

If you’re a fan of pop punk or not, there’s something for everyone to appreciate it. Think of it as a one man Lonely Island meets blink-182 and you’ll have a good time, no khaki shorts required.

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