Sturgeon Wars: The Force Awakens

Waves of change have hit Scotland; not only are more and more young people becoming engaged in politics but the way in which politics is structured has also been affected. Seemingly this is all thanks to one person in particular; Nicola Sturgeon.

David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon

Born and raised in Prestwick on July 19th 1970, she’s notoriously well known for her unparalleled skill in debates. Having studied at Glasgow University and graduated with a prestigious honours degree in Law, something that has assisted her greatly during her career. At 16, Sturgeon joined the SNP and quickly worked her way up the ranks.

Almost immediately after joining she became a member of the Nuclear Disarmament Group and became their Youth Affairs and Publicity vice Convener. Although she failed to win her first two elections, she caught the attention of her fellow party members and was appointed as SNP’s spokesperson for energy and education matters. After becoming an elected member in 1999, Sturgeon served as a shadow cabinet member for both Alex Salmond and John Swinney. She took on numerous roles over this 5-year span in the shadow cabinet, including shadow minister for children and education, shadow minister for health and community care and shadow minister for justice. As leader of the SNP at Holyrood, due to Alex Salmond still serving as a MP in the House Of Commons, Sturgeon became a high profile politician in Scottish politics. This was cemented by her 2007 win for the Glasgow Govan seat and she was then made Deputy First minister, the first female to do so.

Following Scotland’s decision to stay in the UK, Alex Salmond resigned as First Minister and elections to choose a new leader were underway. With virtually no competition for the position, Sturgeon was announced as leader of the SNP on the 14th November and was officially sworn into the post of First Minister on the 20th of that same month.

Last night’s debate was important for everyone involved and speculation beforehand raised a lot of questions. Would Milliband be able to prove himself as a capable candidate? Will Nick Clegg manage to recover and sway the audience after the tuition fee disaster? Would Farage say something racist? The most important one was who would win? With over 2000 members joining the SNP as of last night, Yougov’s poll showing 28% thought Sturgeon won it, putting her in first place, and hundreds upon hundreds of people from around the UK praised her and wished they could vote for her party, it’s clear who did win. If there’s anything to know about Sturgeon, it’s that she’s tired of Westminster being ruled by public schoolboys.

Here come the girls.

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