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  • Trident telt get oot!

    Trident telt get oot!

    100 billion pounds. As soon as Nicola Sturgeon announced the price of renewing trident, the crowd at George Square booed and shouted as loud as they possibly could. The first minister, also called the most dangerous woman in Britain, was amongst a group of guests to attend the anti trident demonstration on Saturday (April 4th) […]

  • Sturgeon Wars: The Force Awakens

    Sturgeon Wars: The Force Awakens

    Waves of change have hit Scotland; not only are more and more young people becoming engaged in politics but the way in which politics is structured has also been affected. Seemingly this is all thanks to one person in particular; Nicola Sturgeon. Born and raised in Prestwick on July 19th 1970, she’s notoriously well known […]