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  • TV REVIEW: Daredevil – Season 2

    TV REVIEW: Daredevil – Season 2

    Netflix and Marvel hit it out of the park with another sublime superhero-full season *SPOILER FREE* It seems fitting that a TV show focussed on “The Man Without Fear” was approached by many with nothing but pure dread. To many, Daredevil was a character whose potential was ruined by the Ben Affleck fronted 2003 film, […]

  • Daredevil Review

    Daredevil Review

    NOT the 2003 disaster It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad. No show has ever had me craving for the next episode more than it did and its extraordinary story writing and character development is still unparalleled to this day . Not even Game Of Thrones, a series that I’ve started recently, […]