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  • Captain America: Civil War REVIEW

    Captain America: Civil War REVIEW

    When news got out that Civil War got greenlit due to Batman Vs Superman, a film that was as dull as it was messy, it wasn’t a surprise that many grew worried about the reality of this massive clash of clans. Not only is the film a sequel to the Marvel magnum opus Winter Soldier but it’s also […]

  • THOUGHTS ON: Batman VS Superman

    THOUGHTS ON: Batman VS Superman

    I should have known it was too good to be true: a film where Batman and Superman brawl, right there on the big screen. It’s not like we haven’t witnessed it before, countless comic issues as well as The Dark Knight Returns were every DC fan’s wet dream, but this was gonna be a big […]

  • Thoughts On: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Thoughts On: Marvel Cinematic Universe

    A new cinema powerhouse is fated to face the same demise as any empire: how can they stop it? It was only a matter of time. When I was watching the latest Civil War trailer, I was happy with what I saw, everything that was happening confirming my excitement for the film’s release at the end of […]

  • Ant Man Review

    Ant Man Review

    Have you noticed the running trend of superhero movies facing massive production problems? If you catched my Deadpool trailer reaction post you’ll remember that it’s been in production for close to a decade and the journey for Ant Man has not been any smoother. Ant Man started development all the way back in 2006 with […]