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  • 5 TRANSISTOR Writers On Their Favourite Music Videos

    5 TRANSISTOR Writers On Their Favourite Music Videos

    The music video has been around for decades: here’s a few of our favourites.

  • Field Day 2017 Highlights

    Field Day 2017 Highlights

    Showcasing pioneers both past and present, Field Day 2017 may be the best one yet.



    Album covers were originally just flimsy bits of paper to try and protect the shiny goods underneath but they have since evolved into something that musicians can use for their artistic expression. Although many artists tend to go for a bland picture of themselves with an equally as bland background, some musicians have produced some…

  • Rewind: Best Of 2014

    Rewind: Best Of 2014

    2014. What a year. It may have the blockbuster nature of 2013 but that’s what made it all the better as new artists that were previously unknown to the masses made a name for themselves with some of the most impressive records in their retrospective genres. That’s not to say that there wasn’t any big…

  • BCAYMI: November 2015

    BCAYMI: November 2015

    When I attempted, and failed, to make my series Blink (Clyro) And You’ll Miss It into a monthly thing, I kinda fucked it up. Despite being one of my most popular posts, there was something about it that just didn’t sit with me right, like the potential it had just wasn’t being used. Now after a…

  • Top 10 Controversial Music Videos

    Ever since Video Killed The Radio Star debuted on MTV over 30 years ago, music videos have became a huge canvas for artists to express their creativity but just in the same way that violent movies rile up the media and parents, so to can certain music videos. Some are odd yet creative while others…